Mother Terrified When Dog Launches Child Across Yard, but Then She Spots His Leg

Adopting a rescue dog and providing it with a permanent shelter can fill up anyone’s heart. These mistreated canines are often found wounded or subjected to malnutrition, due to the careless nature of their neglectful owners. It’s truly satisfying for many people when they can offer shelter, warmth, nourishment and companionship to a dog in need.

But there are certain breeds that are generally considered “dangerous”, and sadly these dogs are more likely than most to live out the remainders of their lives in the animal shelter. Pit bulls and dobermans are considered aggressive and unpredictable and are often overlooked in favor of gentler breeds.

The Svillcic family were on a quest to find their perfect Australian housemate ad they decided to get dog that most people wouldn’t adopt. They felt truly humane and generous when they made this decision, and they felt like it would positively impact both theirs and the dog’s life. Catherine made her way to the local dog shelter and picked out one of the largest doberman pinschers around. She named him Khan, and even though he had a troublesome past, the family quickly introduced him to their youngest member – 17-month-old daughter, Charlotte.

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