50 Cars That Are Depreciating in Value

The feeling of buying a new or even a used car can’t be beat. When picking a car most people focus on price color and maybe gas mileage. However, most don’t consider how fast a card will depreciate or drop in value. This should be a big factor in anyone’s decision making process.

Kelly Blue Book is the typical go to source to find out the fair market value of a car, but they don’t really go into much detail on which cars will lose value the fastest. That’s why we set out to do the research for you and find out which cars will lose value the quickest.

If you’re in the market to buy a new or used car be sure to read through this entire list. In fact, if you see your ideal car on this list print it out and bring it to the dealership with you and use it as a bargaining tool to bring the price you pay on the card down.

Start slideshow below to make sure your ideal car isn’t on the list.