5 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You

Food is easy to love – it can be delicious, nourishing and exciting. But it can be hard to stay healthy amid all the treats and goodies that surround us. When we found out the health benefits of these favorites, we just had to share them! Delicious and guilt free, what more could you want from your food! Read on to learn our favorite and most surprising healthy foods.


People are always talking about how avocado is a very fatty food. What they might not understand is that the kind of fat in avocados is actually “good fat”. Yes, we need fat in our diets to be healthy, and the fat in avocados has many health-giving properties. Most of it is unsaturated, meaning it won’t increase the risk of heart disease in the way that animal fats do. The fat in avocado also helps to absorb the antioxidants that avocados contain, including vitamins A and E.