20 Warning Signs Of Coronary Heart Disease You Can’t Afford To Ignore

If something wasn’t right with your heart, would you know it?

Coronary heart disease develops when the blood vessels that supply your heart with blood, oxygen and nutrients (also known as the coronary arteries) become damaged or diseased. These vital arteries wrap themselves around your heart and work continuously to keep the heart muscle supplied with everything it needs to keep on pumping.

They’re quite small arteries, so even a minor blockage or slightly reduced blood flow can be noticeable. When you’re exercising, your heart works harder, pumping harder and faster to keep up with the increased demand for oxygen to your muscles. Your heart itself has an increased need for oxygen to be able to work harder. So if you have a problem with blood flow to your heart, it’s most likely you’ll notice it during exercise. Oddly enough, symptoms of heart disease are not always felt in the heart, so it’s important to know what to look for.

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