20 Hairstyles That Can Knock 10 Years Off Your Age

The older we get the more our the texture of our hair and facial features will change. The wrong hairstyle can really impact the way people will perceive you. Science hasn’t yet discovered the fountain of youth, so we can only do certain things to improve the appearance of ourselves.

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Image Source: short-haircut.com

1. The Classic Bob

An old favorite, and for good reason, the classic bob never goes out of fashion and looks good at any age. If you have fine hair, the edge of your bob can be blunt, but for coarser hair consider some layers.

A classic bob is flattering for an older face for a few reasons. The jaw line angled cut emphasizes the cheekbones and defines the jaw line, giving the appearance of a gravity defying bone structure. If your face is round avoid styling this cut curled under, as it will give the face a fuller appearance. Also a very short bob which exposes the hairline at the back can be very unforgiving if you have a few gray hairs making an appearance!