10 Telling Symptoms of Liver Damage

The liver is a very central organ to health; it performs over 200 different functions in the body and affects almost every body system – including digestion, immunity, skin and hormone balance. So a damaged liver can have very serious effects that lead to a vast range of health conditions. There are many factors that can contribute to liver damage, but the most common are infection or poison.

The tendency towards a weak liver can be hereditary (inherited), but it’s very uncommon that heredity alone would cause severe liver damage. It’s far more likely that the liver is damaged by exposure to poison of some sort. Drinking alcohol regularly can lead to liver damage, as can working with toxic materials, for example, the products used in nail salons, and commercial house paints. Other more subtle toxins can come from pesticide and herbicide residues on food, long-term pharmaceutical drug use, and fertility aids such as the contraceptive pill. Hepatitis is the most well known infectious agent that causes liver damage.

If you suspect you have liver damage, it’s really important to see a doctor and get a confirmed diagnosis. You might be right if you notice some of the following ten telling signs of a damaged liver…