10 Facts You Likely Don’t Know About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is famous for committing one of the most comprehensive genocides in recent history. He also drove the world to the brink of destruction with his relentless aggression during World War II. His Nazi regime still has loyal followers almost 80 years after he first implemented his ideals about racial purity.

But there are many interesting and unusual facts to be told about the elusive figure of Adolf Hitler. Start slideshow below to learn more


image source: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/almanac/hall_of_fame/henry_ford

1. Henry Ford Admirer

Hitler was a grand admirer of Henry Ford. Ford had a factory in Germany that remained operational through the beginning of the War, even after the United States joined the effort in 1942. Henry Ford claimed to have cut ties with Nazi Germany but it was later discovered that the factory continued to generate income for the Ford family right up until Pearl Harbor. Hitler mentioned Ford in his speeches quite frequently. He sent him birthday presents regularly and relied on Ford’s book The International Jew for much of his policy creation.

Oddly enough, Osama Bin Laden was killed exactly 66 years later